Travels in South & North Korea

by Clive Leatherdale Paperback (2010) 978-905328-78-9
216x135 mm, 224 pages, map, glossary, illustrated

"Alert and observant of the dying social mores and customs of a changing Korea ... Several episodes with the opposite sex are described with breathtaking details and skill ... This book is not only delightful reading but also a valuable and original literary feat." The Journal of Asian Studies.

"Observations are well observed and sharply focused ... so many of the comments are excellent." British Association of Korean Studies.

Author's Note
Map of Korea
1 A SOUL IN KOREA - Culture Shock and Jet Lag
2 GODS AND WEIRDOS - Generals, Shamans, Millionaires
3 A FRIEND FOR LIFE - Trains and Boats and Rains
4 SORAKSAN - Typhoons, Monks, and a Peep into Hell
5 THE FAR EAST - A Bath and the Famous Professor
6 ULLUNG-DO - Magical Mystery Island
7 KYONGJU AND PUSAN - Treasures and Pleasures
8 THE DEEP SOUTH - Angel Boats and Turtle Boats
9 CHEJU-DO - 'An Adventure into Paradise'
10 THE WILD WEST - The Taxidermist and the Thug
11 PANMUNJOM - Where North Meets South
12 A DREAM OF JUCHE - The Mind of Kim Il Sung
13 PYONGYANG - Inside the Land of Fantasy
14 A BID FOR FREEDOM - Escape from my Minders