by Ross Gardner (March 2007) 234x156 mm
144 pages
ISBN 978-1-905328-26-0

Essex offers one of Britain's most monotonous landscapes and wildlife environments. At least, that is the stereotype. But it is wildly wrong, insists naturalist Ross Gardner.

Damselflies flit like winged jewels along tranquil riverbanks. Lonely estuarine landscapes yawn beneath massive skies - crowded by the bustling thousands of winter waders and wildfowl. Flower-rich grasslands survive, where buttercups and green-winged orchids mingle in yellow and amethyst drifts. And in ancient woods canopies tower over stunning swathes of bluebells and the boughs reverberate with the wonderful springtime cacophony of birdsong.

The wild secrets of Essex are waiting to be discovered in the pages of Essex in the Wild.

1 Discovering the Hidden Places
2 The Ancient Woodlands of Essex: Remnants of a Historic Landscape
3 The Essex Coast and Estuaries: The Last Wilderness
4 Wildflower Grasslands and Heather Heaths: Jewels of the Essex Countryside
5 Essex’s Unsung Wetlands
6 Nature the Opportunist
List of Species Mentioned in the Text