Bram Stoker's

Annotated and edited by Bruce Wightman (2000) Hardback. 222x141mm
First published in UK in 1908 by Collier & Co. Never before published in USA.
160 pages
ISBN 1-874287-29-5

Snowbound is one of the rarest of Bram Stoker's books. It comprises 15 theatrical stories, told by members of a travelling theatre company "snowbound" on a train in Scotland. Four of the stories are set in the USA. Originally published in paperback in 1908 in the UK (but not in the USA), first editions are nowadays almost impossible to find. This new edition, available in the USA for the first time, is annotated by Bruce Wightman, actor and joint-founder of the Dracula Society (London).

"With a lightness of touch, Wightman translates Victorian theatrical terms and teases the reader with obscure but fascinating background information." Life & Leisure.

Preface by Bram Stoker
Bibliographical Note by Richard Dalby
Introduction by Bruce Wightman
1 The Occasion
2 A Lesson in Pets
3 Coggins's Property
4 The Slim Syrens
5 A New Departure in Art
6 Mick the Devil
7 In Fear of Death
8 At Last
9 Chin Music
10 A Deputy Waiter
11 Work'us
12 A Corner in Dwarfs
13 A Criminal Star
14 A Star Trap
15 A Moon-Light Effect