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Bram Stoker's

Annotated and introduced by Alan Johnson (2000) Hardback. 222x141mm
First published in UK in 1895 by Constable. Never before published in USA.
128 pages
ISBN 1-874287-30-9

The Shoulder of Shasta is extremely rare. It was published in 1895 in the UK (but not in the USA), just 20 months before the publication of Dracula, by the same publisher - Constable. As Stoker began writing Dracula in 1890, the two works clearly overlapped. Though most of Stoker's fiction is set in Britain or Ireland, Shasta is the name of a mountain in northern California, where this drama is set. This new edition, which makes Shasta available in the USA for the first time, is annotated by Professor Alan Johnson from Arizona.

"Johnson identifies many of the critical implications ... [and] is careful to point out also some of Stoker's factual and geographical errors ... The notes which Johnson provides are on the whole pertinent, and add significantly to the reader's enjoyment." Irish Review.