Bram Stoker's

2nd Edition. Annotated and edited by Clive Leatherdale (2006) Paperback. 234x156 mm
426 pages
ISBN 1-905328-14-1
The 1st Edition hardback (1998) is out of print.

Dracula Unearthed is the ultimate annotated edition of the novel. The novel comes complete with 3,500 notes and annotations. Dracula Unearthed offers unparalleled insights into the novel's sources, characters, and structure. It includes a detailed dramatis personae and an introduction that challenges many of the misconceptions attached to Bram Stoker's famous book.

"The Annotated to end all Annotateds. A tour de force, a vast accretion of one-man scholarship." Voices from the Vaults.

"[This] has a thoroughness and straightforward seriousness that other annotated editions lack." The Vampire's Crypt.