A Critical Anthology

Edited by Elizabeth Miller (1998) Hardback. 222x141mm
240 pages
ISBN 1-874287-10-4

Professor Miller edits twenty academic papers presented at 'Dracula 97' - A centenary Celebration at Los Angeles, August 1997:
1. Dracula Keeps Rising from the Grave;
2. The German Matrix of Stoker's Dracula;
3. "For the Dead Travel Fast": Dracula in Anglo-German Context;
4. Bloodsuckers with Teutonic Tongues: The German-Speaking World and the Origins of Dracula;
5. Dracula and the Epistemology of the Victorian Gothic Novel;
6. Bram Stoker and the Society for Psychical Research;
7. "Terrors that I dare not think of": Masculinity, Hysteria and Empiricism in Stoker's Dracula;
8. "With the Unspeakables": Dracula and Russophobia - Tourism, Racism and Imperialism;
9. Is the Pen Mightier than the Sword? The Contradictory Function of Writing in Dracula;
10. Inspirations, Imitations and In-Jokes in Stoker's Dracula;
11. Stoker's Banana Skins: Errors, Illogicalities and Misconceptions in Dracula;
12. The Technique of "Reversal" in Dracula and The Lady of the Shroud;
13. Filing for Divorce: Count Dracula vs Vlad Tepes;
14. The Stake that Spoke: Vlad Dracula and a Medieval "Gospel" of Violence;
15. What's in a Name: Dracula or Vlad the Impaler?;
16. Dracula: The Reptilian Brain at the Fin de Siecle;
17. Dracula's Decadent Fetish;
18. "Stalwart Manhood": Failed Masculinity in Dracula;
19. Corruption Becomes Itself Corrupt: Entropy in Dracula;
20. Dracula: An Anglo-Irish Gothic Novel.

"The essays are consistently lucid and exhibit evidence of careful editing." Science Fiction Research Association Review.