The Background to Bram Stoker's Gothic Masterpiece

Edited by Clive Leatherdale (1995, second impression 1998) Hardback. 222x141mm
2nd Edition. First published in 1987 by William Kimber
240 pages. Bibliography
ISBN 1-874287-07-4

Seventeen articles:
1. The Meaning of Mourning;
2. Fetishistic Superstitions and Burial Customs;
3. Vampyrism;
4. Are Vampires Really Dead?;
5. An Account of Wallachia, Moldavia ... and Dracula;
6. On the Track of Transylvania;
7. Transylvanian Superstitions;
8. The World's Beautiful Woman;
9. Elizabeth Bathory and Werewolf Folklore;
10. The Habits and Instincts of Bats;
11. Credulities of the Sea and of Seaman;
12. The Influence of the Mind upon the Body;
13. Mesmerine;
14. Trance-Sleep, Somnambulism, and Trance-Waking;
15. Spiritual Powers of the Church ... and Exorcism;
16. The Devil;
17. The Inquisitorial Process.

First published anthology of Stoker's sources for Dracula.